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What really motivates people

It's depressing to think that only 10% of people look forward to going to work each day, and around 20% of people are looking for a new job.

But the good news is...

86% of people who feel meaningfully recognised will go "above and beyond.

And the better news is...

71% of employees are more motivated by non-monetary rewards at work...

So what works?

Meaningful jobs motivate. Everyone wants to know what is expected of them and feel that their work matters. Being able to make the connection between the overall direction of the organisation to their own job, people can see how their job, goals and career “fit”. A clear line of sight also gives employees a solid understanding of what is expected of them and how their contributions impact the organisation.

Good old fashioned recognition. 83% of employees said recognition for contributions is more fulfilling than many financial rewards. 88% found praise from their managers to be extremely motivating. 79% of people who leave their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as the main reason.

Development. 76% of employees said that opportunities for development were the number one reason they stayed in an organisation. Learning and development opportunities are a great mechanism for rewarding employees and developing the capability in your organisation. In every age demographic, opportunities for growth were more motivating as a reason to stay than pay increases.

Culture. A constructive workplace culture allows people can come to work with a sense of purpose, pursue great outcomes and go home with a sense of achievement. 81% of employees in 'Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For' cite their workplace culture as a extremely motivating "employment benefit".

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