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About us

Yudo has developed a series of innovative products to help you get the most out of your investment in people. Our approach is based on decades of research in some of Australias leading business schools as well as extensive practical application in challenging sectors including mining, construction, sales, professional services and hospitality. Our systems just work. Simple, innovative and proven – it’s the Yudo way.











Our team has had the privilege of working for, consulting to and studying with some of the most amazing brands and organisations in the world. We are proud to bring some of the most successful HR practices in the world to our clients in a way that is cost effective, highly practical and intuitive. 

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With more than 30 years experience in Executive, Board and consulting roles spanning sectors from professional services, to manufacturing and construction, Leigh has has built a reputation for providing leadership, coaching and operational excellence in all people management activities.


With an emphasis on strategy, change and talent management, Leigh facilitated a number of turnarounds in service delivery as well as winning a national Culture Transformation Award. Leigh has also held leadership roles in the delivery of large scale merger and acquisitions as well as almost $500M of construction activities, ensuring he understands the commercial, risk management and customer issues that face any business.


Spending time with a number of Fortune 500 best employers throughout the U.S. has given Leigh a unique insight in what it takes to deliver outstanding business results through people management.




Yudo's team is made up of dedicated HR, communications and operations professionals from sectors such as Finance, Science, Government and renewable energy. 

We partner with the worlds best companies for specialised legal input as well as employee profiles as well as team assessment tools.

We partner with the worlds largest online training platform to provide our clients access to the largest and best rated suite of online learning on the planet.

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