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Yudo Shortlisting Service

Professional advice and good data are the foundation of any investment decision. With an average employee costing around $1 million over ten years, recruiting is one of the most significant investments you will make.

If you need to focus on running your business but still value a thorough selection process, Yudo will run a world-class process on your behalf, by:


  • Developing comprehensive job descriptions

  • Preparing and managing job advertisements

  • Managing candidate enquiries

  • Screening based on key technical and behavioural requirements

  • Fully briefing potentially suitable candidates

  • Conducting in depth behavioural interviews

  • Selecting the most promising applicants for you

  • Providing you with a report of all shortlisted candidates

  • Preparing interview guides and suggested follow up questions.


Its easy – you brief us, then we give you the best, fully screened applicants –you take it from there! All for the comfort of a fixed fee of $8,990 (plus GST), no matter how many candidates you employ from the process.

We find the right candidate

Unlike traditional recruiters, we do not “sell you a candidate” and move on. Most recruiters overcharge via an expensive commission structure and offer a replacement guarantee that is almost never long enough to cover any issues that arise. We have great networks, even better screening processes, using sophisticated interview techniques as well as the most effective psychometric and aptitude testing available in the world.


We charge a flat fee, and we don’t provide a replacement guarantee - because we don’t need to. When you engage Yudo, we run a world class process, tailored to your role - on your behalf - so you can focus on running your business and let us do all the hard work.


We work with you to find the RIGHT person, and then we have the skills and expertise to help you make sure it DOES work. And our track record proves that it does work.

Global experience, local knowledge

Our approach brings the best practices from some of the world’s most successful employers, and makes them meaningful and relevant to businesses like yours. Everything we do for our clients is completely tailored, with the firm belief that human resources practices must be simple and intuitive if they are to be effective in managing risk and driving high performance. 


World class products at your fingertips

Choose from our massive selection of online assessments, job solutions & skills tests. Improve hiring outcomes and achieve business objectives by identifying and selecting the best-quality candidates using proven tools, assessments and tailored services.


We use CEB SHL testing which has assessed over 8 million candidates and delivered more than 40 million assessments last year alone.

These innovative solutions help organizations identify the best-quality hires and improve business outcomes by accurately assessing, benchmarking, and developing top talent.


We simply have to get the best people to remain competitive. The use of assessment and ability tests is crucial in achieving our aim of recruiting the best people.


Learning & Development Director, Kimberly-Clark


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