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culture and systems consulting

Yudo's consultants are experienced across the full range of human resources, health and safety and employee engagement activities.


Our consulting services cover:


  • compliance audit

  • strategy

  • employment branding

  • remuneration and benefits

  • recruitment

  • employee development

  • team development and culture  

  • outplacement


Yudo our specialist consultants are among the best in their field.


Our services are tailored to meet your individual but we always follow clearly defined stages to make sure that the project is delivered  seamlessly from start to finish.




Workplace compliance

The Fair Work Act, The National Employment Standards (NES), Modern industrial Awards, Health and Safety Legislation, bullying and harassment, workers compensation risks need to be addressed in every workplace.


Fines for failing to comply with a simple requirement of the NES can run into thousands of dollars.


An unfair dismissal claim can cost you six months salary.


Failure to pay employees their entitlements can result in surprise back-pay costs


The average cost of a muscularskeletal injury at work is approximately $50,000.


At yudo, we've seen business fall foul of these situations too often. Yet the cost of compliance is often quite small.


Yudo's workplace audit system - auditHR will make sure you comply with the key requlations that cover your business.



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